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Interested in building a career as a driver but don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars for training? Trimac can help!

Trimac offers a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Tuition Reimbursement Program for eligible participants in the United States. The program is designed to assist professional drivers with out-of-pocket tuition expenses that might be incurred in the process of attending a professional driving school program. Explore this page to learn more about the program details, eligibility and recognized schools.

CDL Tuition Reimbursement Program Details

  • The amount eligible for reimbursement is the total tuition cost incurred (excluding lodging, Department of Transportation drug test and physical exam and cost of obtaining CDL), as indicated in the drivers’ proof of payment or promissory note from the financial institution financing the loan, up to a maximum of $5,000 USD.
  • Trimac will reimburse the driver $200/month until the amount of the approved tuition reimbursement has been paid in full or until the driver is no longer employed by the Company. The payments will begin at the beginning of the month following the successful completion of Company required training.

CDL Tuition Reimbursement Program Eligibility

  • Reimbursement will only be considered for programs provided through select Commercial Driving Schools approved by Trimac.
  • Tuition cost will be reimbursed only if the program is successfully completed within six (6) months prior to employment with Trimac.
  • An employee may not be eligible for Trimac’s Commercial Driver’s License Tuition Reimbursement program if he/she participated in any other tuition reimbursement program, received scholarship or grant money, or received any other similar reimbursement for the same coursework prior to commencement of employment with the Company. Verification of such may be requested or required.
  • Trimac requires a minimum of one (1) year Tractor/Trailer experience in the United States. However, the FMCSA now requires all driving programs to be registered in a national registry that contains FMCSA provider lists of official Driving Schools, we will consider waiving the one (1) year requirement for exceptional candidates if the school you attended or plan on attending is on this registry list. Certain locations do require more experience due to higher-complexity customer requirements, advanced product handling requirements for crude oil and industrial gases, as well as extreme inclement weather and difficult terrain in certain regions. In these cases, we would be unable to waive the requirements for a recent graduate.
  • FMCSA Training Provider Registry

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