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When you lease on with Trimac Transportation, you will have the opportunity to enhance your earnings, reduce cost, and minimize risk. Owner Operators who partner with Trimac have access to our high-volume tanker freight network as well as numerous programs and discounts to lower your business expenses. Explore the benefits of leasing with Trimac today!

Why be a Trimac Owner Operator?

Compensation rates are adjusted weekly based on a fuel price/consumption formula that keeps Owner Operators after fuel earnings consistent despite fluctuations in fuel pricing.

Receive the same bulk purchasing fuel discounts Trimac has negotiated for company owned power units when using company issued cards for fuel purchases. In addition, fuel tax reporting is provided by Trimac at no cost to the Owner Operator.

Trimac provides the necessary equipment and installation of a pump, compressor, or blower at no cost to the Owner Operator (at some locations, the power takeoff must be provided by the owner Operator). Trimac maintains ownership of product handling equipment, however, the Owner Operator is responsible for maintenance.

Receive discounted rates on services at National Tank Services shops! Trimac will even cover the cost of your yearly tractor inspection when it’s done at an NTS location.

Trimac will provide and install a unit in your truck at no cost to you!

Insurance is provided by the company. Rates depend on the type of hauling. At several locations insurance is factored into the rates so there is no charge for insurance.

Trimac has partnered with insurance providers for Workplace Safety & Insurance (WSIB) alternate coverage where applicable. This coverage is paid for by Trimac. Owner Operators must obtain workers compensation coverage where required but will be reimbursed by Trimac upon proof of payment.

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