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Driver Safety Trainer


Trimac’s most fundamental value is safety. We operate in a safety-sensitive industry and are relentless in our goal of ensuring everyone returns home safe every day and that we conduct ourselves safely doing no harm to the people and communities in which we operate.

This role is critical in ensuring our team members are fully and effectively trained in order to do their jobs professionally, independently, and safely. They are vital in communicating our safety expectations and ensuring everyone is operating in compliance with our policies, procedures, and best practices. They also watch for any new or unaddressed safety concerns and proactively identify how we can continue to find ways to prevent incidents from occurring.

This role reports to the Safety Manager and interacts with drivers, mechanics, washrack technicians, loaders, managers, supervisors, the Safety team, and industry professionals.


This position is responsible for:

  • Smith Systems driver training
  • Training of Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Product handling training
  • Customer specific training (ex. eRail)
  • Hands-on driver trip Inspection training
  • Coordinating and conducting training in the transportation of dangerous goods & hazardous materials handling
  • Job Task Observations
  • Ensure ongoing driver training and certifications are completed to avoid red lights in TMW
  • Ensuring training on and compliance with safety policies and procedures
  • Communicating changes to safety policies and procedures
  • Monitoring and addressing Hours of Service violations and providing appropriate training
  • Review Drive Cam events and provide training and coaching to correct behaviors
  • Auditing in-cab device discrepancies (ex. edited data, odometer jumps, unassigned driving)
  • Ensures drivers have the necessary safety equipment (including PPE)
  • Incident fact findings
  • Hold regular safety meetings
  • Attend regular branch and company meetings
  • Yard checks for hazards
  • Conduct regular Ride-Alongs
  • Conduct regular site hazard assessments
  • Safety award approvals and ceremonies
  • Conduct safety audits
  • Create and complete safety plans
  • Review BI Predictive Modelling or high incident drivers for proactive coaching
  • Mentoring new employees, leased operators, and independent contractors


  • Skilled communicator with strong interpersonal skills with all levels of an organization
  • Strong coach and mentor who can provide support and guidance to people to encourage them to be their best, which includes being able to identify both positive behaviors and provide respectful constructive feedback on performance concerns
  • Knowledge of industry laws and regulations, including DOT, OSHA, GHS, WHIMIS, TDG and Hazmat
  • Identified by peers as a respected informal leader that people listen to
  • Identifies and resolves problems proactively and in a timely manner
  • Looks for ways to proactively improve and promote safety
  • Ability to effectively train others and sees themselves responsible for the safety performance of those they have trained


  • Minimum of 5 years of professional driving experience
  • Previous transportation experience a definite asset
  • Proven safe driving record
  • Prior training role is recommended but not required

At Trimac we change lives in and out of our company. Internally, we build futures for our employees who we believe are the backbone of everything that we do. Externally, our hauls are priceless because they ensure that you and your family have the necessities to everyday products that we take for granted, like gas for a cross-country family vacation, chemicals that can clean-up behind your toddler or cement for the driveway of your first home. Trucking is the heart and soul of serving the needs of others and we make your needs a priority at Trimac. No matter their role, we know that everyone working with us makes a difference in the lives of others. Ready to change a life at Trimac?

Posted: July 15, 2019
Job ID: 58774

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